Ozone, fuel cell-powered, cylinder-shaped vehicle

Ozone a Peugeot hydrogen fuel-cell-powered concept car
Ozone is definitely beyond our imagination. The cylinder-shaped vehicle has taken a big leap in the design of conventional automobile. When you first look at Ozone, you’ll have guessed that it’s just a concept. In fact, it is!

It’s just a concept car presented by Istanbul designer Özkan Koral for Peugeot. Since Ozone is the future car, it’s also been designed in mind not to consume oil. Instead it’ll be powered by hydrogen fuel cell. The Ozone has got tow big wheels which each is independently powered by electric motors.

There isn’t any conventional steering found in the Ozone. To control the Ozone, all depends on a joystick. Its only door is at the front, which rotates underneath to open up and let the passengers and driver get down. I suppose Ozone only rotates its two wheels when it’s running instead of rotating the entire cylinder. The passengers inside will just remain static when the Ozone runs. Or else it’ll be great pains and all sort of dizziness while traveling with the Ozone car. Anyway, it’s simply just a concept which might take years to get it materialized and accepted by the people.

Ozone - rolling cylinder-shaped vehicle designed by Istanbul designer Özkan Koral for Peugeot. It’s powered by hydrogen fuel cell


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